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About Cali K9®

Jas Leverette - Online Dog Trainer

Welcome To Cali K9® University!

Renowned dog trainer, Jas Leverette presents his proven, competition-level canine training techniques and will simplify them for you in this ten-session online course. Simply said, he will train YOU to train your own dog if you train for as little as 15 minutes once or twice a day.

Jas trains both dog and owner to overcome common dog behavior challenges and work with each breed’s primal instincts and energy level. Develop a lasting bond and a positive dynamic with your best friend and take your dog anywhere.

Jas Leverette

Jas Leverette is an expert dog trainer and animal behaviorist based in Northern California. He is owner of California K9 Solutions, also known as Cali K9® and is a lifelong animal communicator and dog trainer who got his start training horses using body language to communicate. He has trained dogs and horses his entire life and has many years of animal training experience. This includes training hundreds of family companion dogs, sport dogs, service dogs, working law enforcement K9s, and their handlers.

He has a passion for his work and can recognize drive, temperament, and disposition in all breeds. He possesses the know-how to optimize a dog’s true potential, and the skills to temper and train even the most difficult dog.

Dog Behaviorist
Online Dog Trainer in California

Training Programs

Our dog training programs are designed to meet the specific needs of you and your canine, regardless of breed, size, age, temperament, behavior issues, budget and/or goals. We can train ANY dog!®


Cali K9® Method

Cali K9® Modern Dog Training Method™ is an advanced, proprietary leadership system designed for modern dogs and is highly effective, fair, balanced, and consistent. Our exclusive dog training method is a system of competition-level dog training techniques and tools to make you and your dog successful in any situation. This method provides solid dog obedience training and helps address common behavior and socialization issues.



Jas Leverette is on a mission to utilize his expert dog training expertise to help reduce the number of dog bite cases and dogs sent to shelters each year worldwide.

All dogs, including puppies, rescue dogs, adult dogs with bad behaviors or aggression, older pets with bad habits, or intense working breeds, will all benefit from professional dog training. Jas will give you the tools to be able to take your dog anywhere. 

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Cali K9® online dog training method is a proprietary system of modern, balanced, competition-level dog training techniques and tools to make you and your dog successful anywhere, in any situation.